What is SRI/ESG?

Combining social missions with financial goals
without sacrificing either.

What We Do

Sustainable. Responsible. Investment. (SRI)

SRI is the use of Socially Responsible Investing (Ethical Investing) and corporate Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) sustainability factors applied to investment decisions.

SRI investors purposely establish social missions to parallel their financial goals and strive to pursue both without sacrificing either.

This is done through the exclusion of investments that do not align with values (Ethical Investing) and the inclusion of highly rated ESG investments that consider the sustainability of companies within an industry.

For example: A client may wish to avoid profiting from a tobacco company if their mission is to cure cancer. They would also likely prefer to invest in a company that is socially responsible and sustainably profitable.

Successful SRI strategies excel at creating value for others by choosing investments that are both attractive for creating appreciation and admirable in the way that they do it.