Commissions for Missions

By partnering with Co-Missions you may be able to direct up to 100%* of the insurance commissions you pay to charity.

The great use of life is to spend it for something that will outlast it.

William James


Partnerships that Give back

Obstacles in our pursuits are unavoidable. Risk is a part of life. Good planning identifies these potential risks, then finds tools and strategies to manage the impact they may have on our plans to achieve our goals.


At Co-missions we do not “sell” any insurance products. Rather, we act as your advocate, offering you a clear picture of what types of products may be options to meet your need.

Beyond that, we partner with brokers and agencies that are committed to the mission of Co-missions. Through these partnerships we are able to direct up to 100% of commissions, ordinarily payed to agent’s, to charity. -Ask us how!

This applies to:

  • Individual Life or Disability Policies
  • Group Life or Disability Policies
  • Group Medical Insurance
  • Business Insurance, Professional
  • Liability and P&C
  • Long Term Care Policies