For Families

Integrated planning for families goes beyond estate planning.

Our services address the complex and multi-faceted needs of successful and wealthy families.

Partnering WIth Families

Personalized Services

Co-Missions’ integrated planning offers a personalized, family office like service that simplifies clients’ financial lives and provides them the freedom and flexibility to pursue their missions.

What We Offer

We strive to partner with families in every financial matter. With careful attention to detail and a commitment to deliver exceptional service, we offer scalable solutions that can be utilized by multiple family members. Our collaborative approach provides access to institutional-level investments, including market leading third-party managers, private equity and alternative investments through strategic partnerships.

This service may include, private equity advice, real estate investment strategies, tax-efficient investment strategies, consolidated performance reporting on all asset classes, private lending solutions, philanthropy and family governance.

In addition, Co-Missions’ families often rely on us to coordinate their financial affairs with third-party representatives, such as accountants, attorneys and agents.